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Last Updated:  C4

Delicious Top Choice Meat



Start Level


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Beast Farm


Repeatable  Party


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Delicious Top Choice Meat
By AleenaResron

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This is part of the continuing quest for better meat from the Beast Farm. If you've completed the one simple errand from Vladmir in Rune town to Tunatun in the Beast Farm, this is the natural second quest to accept.

Vladmir was delivered bad meat from Tunatun, this second part of the quest has you hunting beasts at the beast farm for better quality meat for traders like Vlaldmir [although you dont have to delivery any yourself, just bring back 120 of them to Tunatun for the reward].

1. Go to Tunatun in the Beast farm and select the quest for "Delicious Top Choice Meat". He will ask you to bring back 120 pieces of meat for your reward.

Click on the image below for a larger image

2. Go hunt third stage animals for the quest item. To raise a pet to the third stage (x2 hp), purchase a bunch of spice from one of the feed sellers [I use golden spice, I don't know if there's a difference betweem the two spices].

If you don't know how to grow/train an animal:
To grow/raise an animal to the third stage, target one of the animals and use the spice on it until it grows [the cougars, buffalos, and kookaburras only. The Bandersnatches, Grendels, and Raiders of the Pastureland are all agro mobs and not farm animals to be grown for meat]. Each time the animal advances a stage you will have to retarget it, since it will change. It will also begin to attack you as it grows, to be sure to have some pots or healer with you. You can also attempt to raise an animal to the fourth stage where it has a good chance of becoming trained and will then buff you and heal you [heals for around 850hp per heal], it's pretty easy to solo this area if you have a trained pet. Trained pets also do not take away any of your xp, they act as outside party healer and buffer, make sure you always have spice in your inventory though or else they will leave. The trained animal will automatically deduct spice from your inventory as needed.

3. Once you have 120 of the quest item drops, return to Tunatun and select your reward (check local market values on your server to see which is worth the most, at the moment on Bartz, the Enria is the best reward at about 550,000a based on current market value):
15 units of mold glue
15 units of asofe
15 thons
10 units of mold lubricant
10 enrias
5 units of mold hardener



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